Rolly bags are very capacious. You can easily put two full face helmets into main chamber of Rolly 2 and 3!


2 years warranty

Our products have a two-year warranty!

The warranty covers products with AGM brand name, bought directly at AGM with headquarters in Seeheim-Jugenheim/Germany or in Wroclaw /Poland as well as at its authorized dealers and distributors ( see the list on and at AGM stands during motorcycle shows, trade fairs or other events - for 2 years regarding motorcycle bags and for 1 year for rain cover. Accessories (gratis products) like : cargo net, shoulder strap or additinal straps are excepted from the warrenty. The warranty starts at the purchase date.

We assure that AGM products are made of high quality materials, they undergo detailed tests and controls and are free from defects in materials and workmanship. However, if defective products (with defects in materials and workmanship ) were in the sale , the buyer would be entitled to the complaint, namely to have the acquired product repaired or exchanged at the expense of the manufacturer.

Warranty does not cover defects caused by improper use of a product, namely:

• use, transport or storage in the conditions which can contribute to the destruction of the bag (in crushed shape, the humidity, among others not using a rain cover in case of rain, high temperature, intense long time exposing a product to the sunshine)

• taking care of a bag in an improper way as: wetting, washing, pressing , ironing ,using chemical cleaners. These actions are absolutely forbidden! It is only allowed to clean the bag slightly with a cloth dampened with water!

• overweighting (too much weight, overstuffing a bag, pulling, tugging using to much force)

• use improperly to its function ( for example transport of liquids, sharp objects which can damage the bag)

• modifying of a bag on his own initiative

• Damages (being a result of intentional or unintentional acts, also because of a bad treatment of the product, external causes, interventions of third

All the complains must be registered first by e-mail, fax or telephone, and then after receiving a confirmation that the complaint is accepted, the bag can be sent back to the indicated address in order to be repaired or exchanged. Only the manufacturer decides about the way, the complaint will be settled.

The returned products should be packed as originally so that it doesn’t undergo any defects or wasn’t damaged during normal transport. It should reach the manufacturer in a proper state (namely not to be dirty or crushed so that it could be sold again after reparation).

To the sent bag should be attached a receipt of purchase, and in case of complaint a guarantee card and a short description of a defect/damage.

The visible defects due to transport or caused by a forwarder must be notified directly him as soon as possible whereas the customer has 7 days to inform about hidden damages. The later complaints regarding damages during transport will generally not be taken into account. In a case when the bag is lost during transport, the AGM Company doesn`t accept any responsibility for a possible loss of a parcel sent by customer !

The AGM company commits to the detailed examination of the goods being object of complaints and – if the complaint reveals justified – to repair them within 30 days from the day of arrival the product in a place of purchase or receiving by the manufacturer. If the defect is impossible to repair, the customer will receive a new product. In case of exchange of a bag the warranty time is beginning from the date of shipping a new bag.

All the complaints exceeding this warranty or resulting from secondary failures or from effects of improper use of AGM products are excluded.


Products sent back not prepaid without previous consultation will be not accepted !

In case of complaint, please first (before sending a product) get in touch directly with the AGM company at:

Tel. +49 6257 84820, Fax: +49 6257 84870, Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Im Sanktwendel 33

64342 Seeheim-Jugenheim / Germany

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