Motorcycle brake

disc lock

The brake disc lock in a unique hand grenade look to protect a motorcycle against theft. They can be used on most motorcycles, that have ventilated discs (with cooling holes). The locks are made from high quality zinc, they are equipped with anti-drill mechnism, hand polished and powder painted or chrome plated.




Military green


Black Chrome




Every lock includes 2 coded keys (15.000 key variations).

The brake disc locks are not only a reliable protection but have also an great bomb-look! They can be carried in a special case from leather oder directly fastened with a lever (Clip) on a belt.


HAVE YOU NEVER FORGET ABOUT THE LOCK ON THE BRAKE DISC? Did you remember before moving off or in a more painful way? Have you already had the meter reflected on your forehead? WE HAVE THE PERFECT SOLUTION FOR YOU!

  • Built-in 120 dB alarm system
  • 5.5 mm stainless steel pin lock
  • Multifunctional automatic alarm system
  • Waterproof electronics
  • Long battery life (8-10 months)
  • On / off controlled by high security
  • Metal cylinder body

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