MISSION AND VISION - what are we for?

As implies our leitmotif, during developing our products we were being inspired by the passion for motorcycles for many years. We are customer-biker-oriented, that appreciate the reliability, spaciousness of the bags and for that ist important an original Bikestyle of the bags.

We are here to give you not a normal bag but "a partner" for your travel or trips. So exactly are our bags. Reliable in difficult conditions, equipment, you can alwyas build on. You can feel it when you take it in your hand and mount quickly on your motorcycle !

We still would like to improve the products, to enter new markets, to be ever-present in the "biker life" - and we do it! we would like to strenghten our "No. 1 position in Europe" and we are success-oriented !


The aswer is simple, we are in 100% confident, that all that, what we produce, has very good quality and is very practical, as we have been riding for many years on motorcycles and we have designed the AGM bags for ourselves and for you -- from bikers for bikers ! Our success we owe among other things our perseverance and belief in our own ideas. We never looked at the competition, we will always go our own individual way like true free fans of two wheels !

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