The production on a market scale began in 2002 and withis this time our products were many times improved and the range extended, so that they could achieve the current standard.

We had the possibility to present our bags among other things at Harley-Davidson in Milwaukee in 2005, where they aroused a big interest. They were also showed at the importantst motorcycle events worldwide and enjoyed interest and a good reputation

We exposed them for example at the following fairs:

  • Munich
  • Cologne
  • Milan
  • Paris
  • Cincinnati
  • Indianapolis
  • Chicago


Besides we are glad about favourable press articles and good opinions of the customers, as they are most important for us. The title „number 1 in Europe” we received from users of our products and it makes us proud !

We still are working on new solutions and models in order to show you more interesting and practical proposals. We do our best to suprise you positively every year and we will do it in the future ! We guarantee it with our name:

Małgorzata & Adam Malec


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