Values, that our Company base on, are a valuable capital. In this way we gained trust of our customers.

Our values are :


We offer our customers the best products, that meet exactly their demands. In our work we always place a special value on the quality of our products. Thus we do our best to can offer optimal and proven solutions. With love for detail we meet new chalanges, that wait for us. We test our products in extrem conditions. We focus on a longevity and functionality.


We are active, open for new ideas and chalanges. We understand, that every biker has his own demands and that`s why we interest ourselves in opinions of the users of our bags. We analyse them, drew conclusions and work on next improvements, that we try then, to realise the quickly.


In contacts with our business partners and co-workers we are always honest. We are acting due the prevailing legal and etic norms. Openness, honesty, fidelity to ideals and consequence in the work build the business credibility and solid basis for establishing of long lasting business relationship.

In our work equally important are : the highst product quality, customer satisfaction, reliability and continuous development.



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